Grand Prix Weekend @ Apt. 200 Montreal

Thursday June 6th - Tommy Genesis w/ Maky Lavender, Lou Phelps & Taima

Following an insane opening show with co-headliner Cam'Ron at Mural Festival's 7th edition, Tommy came through for good vibes and a short set at Apt. 200. 

By the time she took the mic, every phone in a 200-foot radius had the flash on with their phones raised up in anticipation for any song from her debut album "Tommy". Wearing her Left-Hand LA jeans, a Fenty face and her signature wavy blonde hair, she left the crowd wanting more.  

Friday June 7th - Soulection w/ Andre Power, Sasha Marie & Da-P & Blindd

Kicking off the weekend, we had the opportunity to host a few of Soulection's heavy hitters including co-founder & globe trotting DJ Andre Power and San Diego native Sasha Marie. Both members brought a vibe to the venue that you can't quite put your finger on but can't help but love; something Soulection has coined "genre-bending".

No Apt. 200 night is complete without some of our beloved locals and this night was no exception. Montreal underground beat legend Da-P and Saintwoods' very own Blindd kept the crowd going well into the after hours.