SW.007 Pop Up

Our biggest collection yet, SW.007 comprised of a 24-piece range of hoodies, sweaters, tees, sweatpants, beanies, and lifestyle accessories. Items to note included the @Gang.Box illustrated Lexus hoodie featuring Nathan's long lost car, the "Run Your Mouth" gum and T-shirts as well as our newly updated sweatsuits that were offered in both athletic grey and navy.

No Saintwoods collection is complete without a Montreal pop-up however this time we moved away from a street facing venue and into a discrete alley. With 20-foot LED installations suspended from chains and a 10-foot tall statue showcasing the collection's star pieces, the space was quickly transformed from a simple studio into a pop up experience. The Saintwoods team worked around the clock to bring the event together starting early in the morning and by 11:00 p.m., it was all over. Just as quickly as the pop up was there, it was gone.

The evening was a mix of eager customers looking to get their hands on the much anticipated collection and good friends who came out to support and enjoy drinks and good vibes. Stay tuned for information regarding our next releases and pop-ups and HUGE THANK YOU from the whole Saintwoods family to everyone who came out and supported.